12:11 / 01.10.2020

Uzbekistan starts repatriating citizens from Abkhazia 

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation and the Consulate General in Rostov-on-Don received appeals from about 400 citizens of Uzbekistan who are on the territory of Abkhazia, with a request to assist in their return to their homeland.

Photo: KUN.UZ

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to promptly resolve this issue, the Ministry has repeatedly sent appropriate appeals to the Russian side to obtain permission for citizens of Uzbekistan to cross the Russian border for their repatriation to their homeland.

The first group of citizens of Uzbekistan, consisting mainly of women, the elderly and children is planned to be repatriated in early October.

The rest of the citizens will be returned to Uzbekistan as soon as they receive permission from the Russian side to cross the state border in transit.

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