22:32 / 07.10.2020
“The State should help victims of fraud” – Saida Mirziyoyeva comments on the suicide case in Namangan

Saida Mirziyoyeva, a member of the Republican Commission on Gender Equality, commented on the suicide case of Gulandon Dedeboyeva in Namangan.

“Her mother and two children have been left to fend for themselves. They became the victims of a swindler who sold them someone else’s house, and the swindler has been imprisoned for the crime committed. The property was claimed by the real owner and the court decided to evict the woman along with her children.

I fully understand the helplessness of this woman who has embarked on such a horrible commitment. And I think our legislation has flaws in this regard. It is not only this woman who has fallen into the traps of fraudsters. Fraudsters can be arrested, but very few of them compensate for the material damage. From my point of view, fraudsters are indebted to the State and must be held accountable before the law. The state, in turn, should help people trapped in such scams to get out of similar problems.

Of course, we can easily blame the people. However, the state is also to be blamed. How do rural women know all their legal rights? Who taught them to not trust such dishonest people? How did the transaction become legalized by an official notary?

Such questions should be asked before tragedies happen! Any situation like this requires a long and serious investigation. In such cases, it is always necessary to take into account the rights of helpless children! They are innocent, but they are also being punished along with the adults.

I would very much like the deputies to discuss these issues and strengthen social protection for those who are helpless and deceived. No one should be left ignored!” Saida Mirziyoyeva said.

It should be recalled that Gulandon Dedebaeva, a 35-year-old resident of Namangan, set herself on fire on September 29. It turned out that in such a way, she protested to BCE officers who tried to forcibly evict her from the house she bought two and a half years ago.