12:14 / 15.10.2020

Two Uzbeks beaten, robbed of their $1,600 in St. Petersburg

A mass brawl occurred in one of the streets of St. Petersburg on October 13.

Photo: Baltphoto

According to the media, five men were involved in the scuffle.

“A native of Uzbekistan contacted the police department on the evening of October 13. The man and his brother were beaten by three others and robbed of their 127 thousand rubles. The attackers fled from the scene in a car,” the report reads.

CCTV cameras recorded that the brothers were driving a Lada Largus. They were followed by unknown persons in a Skoda Rapid. Before crossing the Lesnoy Prospekt and Komissar Smirnov Street, Skoda started overtaking. The men sitting in it drew the brothers’ attention with shouts and a wave of the hand. One of them got out of the car.

A scuffle ensued between the men, during which three unknown persons began to beat the native of Uzbekistan. When his brother came to help him, they attacked him as well.

Unknown persons drove towards the Liteyny Bridge. The brothers were taken away by an ambulance. Their condition is not specified.

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