11:01 / 16.10.2020
Jeenbekov apologizes to the people

Following his resignation as the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sooranbay Jeenbekov made a statement at the session of the Parliament on Friday.

Photo: TASS

“It was 3 years ago when I was elected President of the country. During this period of time we have done a great deal of work,” Jeenbekov said, local media informs.

According to him, in the first years of work he focused on international relations that demanded much effort and time. The main areas of his work included digitalization, development of agriculture, processing industry, potable water supply, implementation of court reforms, fight against corruption and others.

“There were many tasks before me. In particular, the construction of the Kyrgyzstan-China railway. We worked in this direction, the project began its implementation. We need this road like air, and I want the project to be fully implemented. I apologize to the people,” Jeenbekov said.

He thanked the governments of the partner countries for their contribution to stabilizing the socio-political situation in Kyrgyzstan.

“In a difficult time for the country, I tried to do everything to restore the situation. For me, the life and health of every compatriot is important. I made the decision to leave. The public has differently perceived this decision, whether it is correct or not, time will show. My conscience is clear before God and the people,” he added.