16:03 / 26.10.2020
Salary growth rates in Uzbekistan slow down by more than threefold

The growth rate of the average monthly wages in Uzbekistan (excluding small businesses and agriculture) has decreased from 22.9% at the beginning of the year to 6% in October, follows from the State Statistics Committee data. 

The level of wages varies depending on a particular type of economic activity. The average monthly wage by type of economic activity in relation to the average republican level of wages was significantly lower in the field of healthcare and the provision of social services – by 30.2%, education – by 24.7%. It is significantly higher than the average republican level in financial and insurance activities – by 125%, information and communications – by 67.4%.

The average monthly nominal accrued wages for 41.5% of employees of legal entities vary from 1,358.7 to 2,038.0 thousand soums. Wages of 17.5% of employees ranged from 679.3 to 1,358.7 thousand soums, and 15.4% – from 2,038.0 to 2,717.3 thousand soums. In January-September this year, the highest level of wage was recorded at 34.5 million soums.

The results of the analysis showed that by type of economic activity, compared to the corresponding period of 2019, there was an increase in the average monthly salary in financial and insurance activities – by 31.8%, healthcare and social services – by 20%, transportation and storage – by 17. 2%, construction – by 16.3%, trade – by 11.5%, arts, entertainment and recreation – by 11.2%, education – by 10.8%, industry – by 10.7%, information and communication – by 8%.