22:00 / 02.11.2020
Uzbekistan agrees to participate in COVID-19 vaccine trials: Chinese vaccine to be tested in about 5,000 Uzbeks

The third phase of the vaccine test, developed by the Institute of Microbiology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be held in Uzbekistan.

Feruza Khodjayeva, head of the department at the Ministry of Innovation Development, told Kun.uz that a group of Chinese scientists involved in the development of the vaccine is expected to arrive in Uzbekistan on November 6.

“Our ministry has established international cooperation in the production of necessary drugs to combat the pandemic, in particular, vaccines that are produced at the Chinese Institute of Microbiology. An agreement has been reached to conduct the third phase of vaccine testing in Uzbekistan.

Under the agreement, the Chinese company will conduct the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine among about 5,000 Uzbek citizens.

As part of the agreement, specialists of the Chinese Institute of Microbiology will visit Uzbekistan on November 6.

Of course, this is a very complicated process. In order to use the vaccine, it must be tested in several phases. Two phases of testing took place in China. The third one will be held in Uzbekistan as well as in a number of other countries.

If the tests are successful, Uzbekistan will have the right to purchase the vaccine at a reduced price, and it will be distributed to other Central Asian countries through Uzbekistan,” the ministerial spokesperson said.

Barno Odilova, an Anti-Coronavirus Staff member, provided information on who will be tested with the vaccine.

“Volunteers are selected at their own will to participate in the test. Volunteers, who have not been infected with the coronavirus and have not formed immunoglobulin G in their bodies, may be involved in the testing of the coronavirus vaccine,” she said.