13:11 / 03.11.2020
How much do programmers get paid in Uzbekistan?

IT Park has published information on how much programmers are paid in Uzbekistan.

Photo: UA

Ruslan Yuldashev, technical director and founder of MODME, said that the salaries of programmers will exceed the average amount for other jobs in the labor market over the next decade.

“In Uzbekistan, in accordance with my personal observations, people who have been working in this industry for several years earn from $400 to $800, and those who are with recommended experience earn from $1,200 to $2,000.

If we talk about the global market, for example, a close acquaintance of mine for several weeks looked for a Frontend programming specialist who earns a minimum wage of $6,000 a month for remote work. Some of my Uzbek friends did not show interest in the offer, probably because they are well paid and are working in comfortable conditions,” Ruslan Yuldashev said.

The issue of salary is of interest to anyone who wants to become a programmer. In fact, a programmer’s salary varies, and it depends on the expert’s experience. Logically, the more experienced an IT professional is, the higher his or her salary will be. For example, a typical programmer can earn $500-$900 and up. But if he has enough experience in programming, his salary could reach $2,000 a month.

“Young programmers with promising projects want to get a big salary at the very first shot, but it’s impossible. On average, a beginner programmer with satisfactory knowledge can earn around $200-300, and it is a good amount for someone who has no work experience.

Programmers with 2 years of experience working with real projects can earn $1,000 or more, it all largely depends on your programming skills and the company you work for. Accordingly, programmers with great experience can make very good money.

Moreover, in addition to the main job, any programmer can fulfill third-party orders (freelancing), which increases his revenue,” Maxim Stifeyev, chief developer and manager of IT Park web projects, said.

In the local market, the average salary of a Frontend, Backend, PHP programmer can range from 8-10 million to 20-30 million soums, a 1C programmer – from 3 million soums, a Fullstack programmer – from 10-15 million to 20-30 million soums. Payment amounts vary. Again, it all depends on experience, workload and company. Specialty plays an important role in this.

If the programmer is new and has little experience, then the salary may be very low. But as experience and knowledge increase, wages also begin to grow rapidly. Experienced programmers in Uzbekistan earn an average of $1,000-$1,500 a month, the IT Park report reads.