23:24 / 17.11.2020
“Confiscation of land plots by khokims will be forbidden” – Narimon Umarov

On November 16, a video conference of the Senate Committee on Judicial Issues and Anti-Corruption was held. The meeting was chaired by Narimon Umarov. It first discussed the issues to be considered at the IX plenary session of the Senate.

Фото: Kun.uz

According to Kun.uz correspondent, senators discussed the law “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Uzbekistan in connection with the further strengthening of guarantees of the rights and legitimate interests of property owners”.

It is reported that the document amends the laws “On denationalization and privatization”, “On local government”, “On protection of private property and guarantees of property rights” and the Land Code.

“The document prohibits the seizure of land or part of it by khokims for state or public needs, and establishes the bodies exercising this authority, distinguishing the right to own or use the land or part of it, as well as the right to lease the land… There will be a ban on the seizure of land plots by khokims,” Narimon Umarov said.

“The draft also stipulates that the right to own or use a land plot can be terminated in only four cases by the decision of district, city, regional khokims or the Cabinet of Ministers. That is, in the case of voluntary renunciation of the land plot, expiration of the term of use of the land plot, liquidation of the legal entity or termination of the employment relationship, which was the basis for the provision of land for the use of services. Only these four cases remain under the responsibilities of executive bodies. We have reduced the powers of khokims. Here, the powers of khokims remain only in cases of breach of the contract. All other cases are resolved by local councils, the Cabinet of Ministers or a court decision. This is, in principle, the protection of the rights of landowners,” he said.

Narimon Umarov also answered the question that local councils in many cases cannot deviate from the orders of khokims and approve orders in accordance with the wishes of the mayor.

“Our local deputies should not stand aside on this issue, they should express their principled position. They should not say that “the chairman of the council is the khokim, he decides”. We need to put an end to this. Each of us has the right to freedom of speech.

Of course, it will be tough in some places. Someone may not agree with the idea, but say it out loud. It will be circulated on social media. Once, twice, three times it happens, it’s natural. But once the process is up and running, these issues will be resolved collectively, on the basis of the real situation,” Kun.uz correspondent quoted Narimon Umarov as saying.