19:55 / 20.11.2020
Uzbekistan to open all kindergartens in the country by November end

Kindergartens that have received relevant permission from the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service will be able to resume their activities.

Photo: KUN.UZ

The Ministry of Preschool Education is currently working with the Center for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance to speed up preparations in preschool education institutions that are waiting for permission from the Councils of People’s Deputies.

The right to resume activities will be given to kindergartens that have received permission from the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service. At the same time, kindergartens that are under construction or whose employees have been diagnosed with coronavirus will remain closed.

In particular, 20 kindergartens in the Syrdarya region will remain closed by the end of the year, and 104 kindergartens in the Tashkent region will be closed due to repair works. Another 4 preschool education institutions in the country are in a state of emergency, and it is recommended to include them in the investment program for 2021. In Tashkent, 80 kindergartens are being repaired.