13:37 / 21.11.2020
Uzbekistan establishes parliamentary commission on ensuring the country's compliance with human rights obligations
Photo: Getty Images

The Oliy Majlis has established a parliamentary commission on the country’s compliance with international human rights obligations, the press service of the National Centre for Human Rights informed.

The presidential decree of June 22, 2020 “On the approval of the national strategy of Uzbekistan in the field of human rights” contained a recommendation to the Oliy Majlis to establish the commission.

In accordance with this recommendation, the Council of the Legislative Chamber and the Council of the Senate adopted an important joint decision on the establishment of a parliamentary commission on the country’s compliance with the international human rights obligations, which also approved its composition and regulations.

The main objective of the parliamentary commission is to guarantee Uzbekistan’s compliance with international human rights obligations and the implementation of the country’s national human rights strategy.

The process entails the following commitments:

• to participate in the implementation of policies aimed at safeguarding human rights and interests;
• to ensure the implementation of international human rights standards in national legislation;
• to promote the process of building respect for human rights and freedoms;
• to coordinate the qualitative implementation of national human rights action plans, with particular emphasis on practical cooperation between parliament, government and civil society institutions.

It is envisaged that the Commission shall report annually on its activities to the Legislative Chamber and the Senate of Oliy Majlis.

The First Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, Akmal Saidov, has been appointed Chairman of the Commission, and the Vice-Chairman of the Senate, Zayniddin Nizomkhojayev, has been appointed Deputy Chairman.