12:13 / 03.12.2020
Uzbekistan to introduce an effective system for improving the quality of public services 

At the Agency for Information and Mass Communications, the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services organized a briefing on the work carried out by unified settlement centers.

Photo: KUN.UZ

During the event, specialists of the ministry presented detailed information on the work carried out in the field, UzA reports

As noted, in recent years, the country has taken measures to improve the management system for apartment buildings, radically revise the activities of private homeowners’ associations and the development of management service companies. Large-scale work is underway to enhance the technical condition of houses, improve the adjacent territories and develop the heating system.

In particular, in 2017-2019, the state unitary enterprises “Repair and Restoration Service” carried out works for 375 billion soums. This year, complaints from the population have also been studied, the analysis of which shows that out of more than 800 complaints received, 70 percent are related to problems that have arisen as a result of an inadequate level of services to the population. In order to eliminate problems and improve the situation as a whole, this year, the ministry organized dispatching services “Emergency Public Service” with the short number 1184. Currently, such services provide residents of apartment buildings and private houses with more than 40 types of services.

During the briefing, experts discussed the activities of the SUE “Unified Settlement Center”. The main tasks of these enterprises are determined to provide private homeowners’ associations with services in accounting, consulting and collection of mandatory payments on a contractual basis.

“As a result of the work carried out, it became possible to exercise objective public supervision over the flow of funds paid by homeowners. Also, interaction with the state cadastre services for cadastral registration of residential and non-residential premises was organized. An opportunity has been created to make payments online through payment systems specially developed by the Central Bank,” Umarjon Mamarozikov, head of the department for coordination and development of activities of the SUE “Unified Settlement Center”, said. 

It was also noted that based on the positive experience of the SUE, which provides accounting and consulting services to homeowners, their activities will be implemented in all management bodies of apartment buildings. This, in turn, will serve to introduce modern information and communication technologies into the management system of apartment buildings, to ensure openness and transparency of the financial activities of the management bodies of apartment buildings.