21:18 / 04.12.2020
Ministry of Defense: Uzbekistan has updated more than a quarter of all its weapons and equipment 

On December 3, the Senate Committee on Defense and Security held a meeting through videoconference.

Photo: Defense Ministry

According to the press service of the Senate, the meeting discussed the fulfillment of the tasks related to the development of the armed forces and the military construction of the country, as well as the provision of military security in the current year.

“As a result of actions taken in recent years to provide troops with new weapons and equipment, 27% of the available armaments and equipment has been updated,” the report says.

During the meeting, it was noted that some of the mandated tasks over the past period of 2020 had not been fully implemented. As reported, in recent months, owing to the epidemiological situation in the country, work on the construction and renovation of military camps and polygons had not been completed.

In addition, there were obstacles to implement the targeted measures on the education of young people on the basis of their age category, taking into account the territorial characteristics of the regions, districts and cities.

Also, the process of admission to higher military education is currently being carried out in several stages and is still difficult.

In order to further enhance the effectiveness of the Ministry of Defense, the Senate Committee adopted a corresponding decision on Defense and Security.