17:55 / 05.12.2020
Court sends an Uzbek citizen who attacked bank branch in Kyiv to psychiatric clinic

The Pechersk District Court of Kyiv, at the request of the Kyiv city prosecutor’s office, changed the measure of restraint for the citizen of Uzbekistan Sukhrob Karimov, who on August 3 threatened to blow up a bank branch in the Kyiv business center “Leonardo”, the press secretary of the city prosecutor’s office Nadejda Maksimets writes on her Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook / Nadiya Maksimets

“According to the court’s decision, the measure of restraint in the form of detention was changed to placement in an institution for the provision of psychiatric care with strict supervision. The grounds for filing the petition were the conclusions of the forensic psychiatric examination, which indicated the need to apply compulsory medical measures to the suspect in the form of hospitalization in a psychiatric care institution with strict supervision,” Maksimets wrote.

She noted that according to experts, at the moment the suspect is not able to realize his actions and control them.

“According to the prosecutor, applying a less stringent measure of restraint to the suspect than placement in a psychiatric care facility with strict supervision will not prevent risks,” a representative of the prosecutor’s office added.

On August 3, Karimov entered the Universal Bank branch located in the business center on Boghdan Khmelnitsky Street with two bags and said that they contained explosives (this information was not confirmed). Staff and visitors were evacuated. Inside the premises, in addition to the suspect, there was a bank employee.

At about 14:50, Karimov was detained by officers of a special unit. Neither the hostage nor the suspect was hurt. 

The deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that at home the suspect was registered with a diagnosis of oligophrenia. He was charged under Article 258-1 of the Criminal Code (terrorist attack). On August 5, the court arrested him.