13:20 / 10.12.2020
National Guard comments on reports about low salaries of some employees

Social network users have disseminated information that some security officers of the National Guard receive a salary of 800 thousand soums a month.

In accordance with a government resolution of July 2019, the main security department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its territorial divisions were transferred to the National Guard. 

The document also approved the regulation on the security service of the National Guard and the regulation on its headquarters. They define the main tasks, rights and obligations, the procedure for organizing the orders of the security service, the procedure for conducting control checks of departmental security units and coordination of their activities, financial and logistical support of the service, social protection of service employees and their responsibility.

Recently, some employees stated that it is impossible to live in the capital for 800 thousand soums a month. In particular, one of the employees of the NG, who guards the republican scientific center of emergency medical care in Tashkent, said that he receives 800 thousand soums per month.
“When we joined the National Guard, we were told that the salary would be increased. But it has not. How can one live on this amount?” he said.

As the press service of the National Guard reported, the monthly salary of security guards is calculated on the basis of the approved tariffs in agreement with the Ministry of Finance.

“The salaries of all employees are calculated according to a single tariff scale in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation,” the statement reads.

The law enforcement agency stressed that determining the size of the monthly wage is not within the competence of the National Guard.

It also became known that the paramilitary guards are civilians who work an average of 180 hours a month (8-10 days a month). They are not entrusted with those powers and duties that are assigned to officers or military personnel.

“All candidates for this position were informed about their monthly salary and were hired on the basis of their consent,” the press service said.

The department said that a draft government decree on improving the activities of the National Guard is currently being developed.

“It also provides for an increase in the wages of the paramilitary guards,” the press service concluded.

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