12:28 / 17.12.2020

Family of four, two more people burned alive as a result of car accident in Namangan 

In Namangan, four members of one family, as well as two more people, were killed in a traffic accident.

Photo: Press service of the Traffic Safety Department

As the press service of the Traffic Safety Department reported, on December 16, in the city of Namangan at the intersection of I. Karimov and Istiklol streets, a MAN truck driver collided with a Nexia car.

As a result of the accident, a 42-year-old driver and his 39-year-old wife, two of their children (one – 13 years old, the other – 10), a 34-year-old passenger and a 7-year-old child died on the spot.

Reportedly, all of them were burned alive in the car.

A criminal case was initiated on the above fact under Article 266 (violation of traffic safety rules) of the Criminal Code.

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