22:23 / 17.12.2020
Number of labor migrants returned to Uzbekistan in Jan-Nov announced

In the last 11 months of 2020, more than 467,000 labor migrants returned home, the Department of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Family Business Development under the Ministry for Mahalla and Family Support reported. 

It was noted that more than 257,000 citizens returned from Russia, 129,000 – from Kazakhstan, 14,000 – from Turkey, and more than 66,000 – from Korea and other countries.

A significant proportion of returnees (49.0%) worked in various fields of construction abroad. 11.4% of them worked in industrial enterprises, 7.8% – in agriculture, 10.5% – in trade and other consumer services, 21.2% – in other fields.

“Necessary measures are being taken to reintegrate returning migrant workers to the domestic labor market. In particular, in order to ensure citizens’ employment, first of all, the process of identifying the contingent of citizens in need of social assistance is being organized,” the report said. 

It was noted that in the past 11 months of 2020, 39,225 (84%) of labor migrants who returned home were studied door-to-door, and monitoring of 74,754 (16%) labor migrants continues.

Reportedly, 268,267 (57%) of the monitored citizens were employed.

In addition, 35,651 (7.6%) of labor migrants working abroad returned to foreign countries for temporary employment. 88,691 (19%) were temporarily unemployed and 16,325 (4%) were found to be incapacitated for various reasons.