22:34 / 06.01.2021
“People are forced to turn to social networks because khokims and deputies do not perform their duties properly” – Senate Chairperson

At the eleventh plenary session of the Senate, Tanzila Narbayeva touched upon the issues that local councils should focus on in their activities in 2021.

“As you already know, local governments are obliged to report to local councils on more than 25 issues. Therefore, it is advisable that this matter be fully reflected in the work plan of local councils.

Secondly, it is necessary for the local council to become a body that implements the budget, rather than approving it,” the Senate Chairperson said.

Tanzila Narbayeva also called on local council members to work with the people to find a solution or legal explanation for their problems.

“There are a lot of appeals, some of which have no legal basis and some are false. People sometimes may not understand certain things, we should explain them without ignorance. As this process is not organized properly, they are posting their problems on social networks. It has become a sort of tradition.

Where are the khokims, MPs and sector leaders? Why do citizens turn to the President or other officials on social media? They are forced to do this because the work of these local bodies is unsatisfactory.

We need to understand that any unresolved or misinterpreted issue has a negative impact on the social mood,” Tanzila Narbayeva said.