21:18 / 07.01.2021
Driver complains about receiving two fines for a single offense 

On January 5, a video went viral on social networks in which a man complained that he had been fined several times for a single offense recorded by two individuals.

Starting January 1, 2021, people (individuals) can record traffic violations with the help of video recorders, cameras and other surveillance devices, as well as mobile phones. Witnesses who record such unlawful acts are paid a fee of 5 per cent of the total amount of the fine.

The driver inquires if one offense is recorded by 10 people, should he be fined 10 times.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this issue is regulated by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On additional measures to increase the effectiveness of the fight against road safety offenses”.

The relevant provision on this matter in the government resolution states that the video recordings of offenses do not serve as grounds for the establishment of administrative liability in the following cases:

- If it does not meet the relevant requirements or of poor quality;
- If its compliance with requirements is not ensured when uploading the video recording into the centralized system;
- If the video recording has been tampered with (edited);
- If a decision on the offense had already been taken or an administrative case had already been initiated.

The Road Safety Department stated that they are now studying the videotape.