10:18 / 08.01.2021
American NGO opens a branch in Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Justice has registered a branch of the U.S. non-governmental organization Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development in Uzbekistan.

Photo: Ministry of Justice

As the press service of the Justice Ministry reports, the head office of the NGO is located in the United States.

“The main goals and objectives of the branch are to assist in improving nutrition and socio-economic well-being, improving the production of food and non-food products, fiber and fuel, including livestock, distribution and rational use of natural resources,” the statement reads.

The branch will also assist in the implementation of the Safe Migration in Central Asia project (SMICA, 2019-2024), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The budget of the project aimed at preventing human trafficking, protecting survivors, facilitating safe migration, reducing the vulnerability of the population at risk to all forms of human trafficking, and improving identification and assistance to victims of human trafficking in Uzbekistan, amounts to $2.3 million.