21:30 / 15.01.2021
Uzbekistan introduces penalties for violating public procurement legislation

The Administrative Responsibility Code has been supplemented by Article 175-8.

According to it:

Violating the requirements of the law on the formulation and placement of public procurement plans, including time-plans, and violation of the procedure for placing public procurement announcements on the special information portal and violation of the procedure and time limits for mandatory discussion and violation of the time limits for the publication of the results of public procurement in cases provided for in public procurement legislation incurs a fine equal to 5 to 10 BCAs (from 1,115,000 to 2,230,000 soums);

Adding information that restricts competition into public procurement announcements and procurement documents and violation of the procedures for approving procurement documents and formulating applications incurs a fine equal to 10 to 15 BCAs (from 2,230,000 to 3,345,000 soums);

Violation of the requirements for the identifying suppliers of goods, works and services by means of tenders is punishable by a fine equal to 15 to 20 basic calculating amounts (from 3 345 000 to 4 460 000 soums);

Failure to notify about affiliation and conflict of interest in the procurement of public goods in accordance with the procedure established by the law shall result in a fine equal to 20 to 30 BCAs (from 4,460,000 to 6,690,000 soums).