15:39 / 18.01.2021
Gov’t to reimburse expenses for training unemployed young people in professions

For unemployed young people who have graduated from special courses based on the “Yoshlar 1+1” program, an opportunity will be created to get a soft loan without collateral of up to 33 million soums.

The Chamber of Commerce and partner organizations reported on training young people in the theoretical knowledge of entrepreneurship to guide them into entrepreneurship and support their business projects. On the basis of the “Yoshlar 1+1” program, it is planned to organize special 6-day courses (48 hours) and issue certificates to the course participants. Unemployed young people who graduate from the courses will be able to get loans up to 33 million soums, without collateral, with a grace period of 6 months, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

It is noted that the regions will organize regular courses in order to widely attract young people to entrepreneurial activity and ensure their employment, based on the principle “Every entrepreneur – supporter of youth”.

The State will compensate each person who graduate from training courses organized on the basis of the established requirements and approved by the Agency for the Development of Entrepreneurship, as well as the Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Business. 70% of the costs spent by non-state educational institutions for teaching professions and entrepreneurship will be covered by the state (however, the amount should not exceed 1 million soums for each graduate).

Graduates who successfully complete these courses and receive a certificate will be allocated microcredit to create their own business.

Individuals who have established a micro firm and a small enterprise will be issued loans of up to 225 million soums without a guarantee of a third party and insurance policies on the basis of a guarantee from a fund to support entrepreneurship.

Earlier, it was reported that $100 million would be allocated to provide employment for young people and attract them to entrepreneurial activity, as well as 1 trillion soums and $50 million for lending to business projects of young people and training them in professions.