11:03 / 06.02.2021
President outlines priorities for development of Fergana region 

350 billion soums will be spent on the development of 33,000 hectares of land in the region’s deserts, pastures and hills. More than 100 multi-storey houses will be built, 503 km of roads will be repaired. 16 family medicine centers and family clinics will be established for promoting the primary healthcare system.

At the session of the Fergana regional council of people’s deputies, the issues of employment and improving the living conditions of the population were considered.

It was noted that 949 investment projects worth 17 trillion soums will be implemented in Fergana region in 2021-2022.

In particular, 3 projects worth $537 million and 14 projects worth $154 million are being realized in “Fergana Azot” JSC.

Due to limited land resources in the region, 33,000 hectares of land in deserts, pastures and hills will be mastered. Of the 350 billion soums allocated for this purpose, 110 billion soums will be covered by subsidies.

105 multi-storey houses will be built in 11 places in the region this year. 312 billion soums will be allotted to repair 503 km of roads.

The President paid special attention to youth and women’s employment.

This year, the Youth Industrial and Entrepreneurship Zone will be established in 19 districts and cities of the Fergana region, and more than 8,000 unemployed people will be trained in entrepreneurship and profession within the “Youth: 1+1” project. The importance of helping women start their own businesses, paying the initial down payment for low-income families to buy a home and preventing divorce was also emphasized at the meeting.