23:54 / 11.02.2021
Government approves a resolution on switching to use of Uzbek alphabet in office work

From January 1, 2023, all office work will be carried out using exclusively the Uzbek alphabet, based on the Latin script.

This is stated in the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The document approved a “roadmap” to ensure a complete transition to the Uzbek alphabet based on the Latin script. Accordingly, a regulatory act will be developed that will ensure a gradual transition.

In addition, a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the approval of a new edition of the textbook “Spelling rules of the Uzbek language” will be developed.

Official websites will also switch to the Latin-based Uzbek alphabet.

ID cards, official documents, various forms, names of places and streets, advertisements and announcements will be published in the Uzbek language based on the Latin alphabet.

National and electronic mass media, Internet sites and publishing houses will also switch to using the Uzbek alphabet exclusively.