13:36 / 16.02.2021
Appeals to Ombudsman on cases of torture increased by 7 times in last 4 years

In 2020, the Ombudsman received a total of 14,624 (in 2019 – 12,822) appeals from citizens of Uzbekistan, foreign nationals and ombudsmen of foreign countries, stateless persons, public organizations and other legal entities, the Ombudsman’s Office said.

1,563 appeals to the Ombudsman were addressed by detainees and their relatives. Of these, 485 were sent by mail.

“405 appeals were sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office, 390 – to the Supreme Court, 212 – to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 63 – to the Ministry for Mahalla and Family Affairs and local authorities, and 493 – to other relevant ministries and agencies,” the report said.

650 or 41.6% of the appeals received from detainees and their relatives were considered under special control and satisfied by the Ombudsman.

The number of complaints on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment has also increased in the last four years. In particular, in 2020, 184 such complaints (in 2019 – 138, in 2018 – 101, in 2017 – 24) were received by the Ombudsman.

Of these complaints, 95 or 51.7% occurred during interrogation, pre-trial investigation and inquiry, 86 or 46.7% – in penitentiaries and remand prisons, and 3 or 1.6% – in police detention facilities.

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