18:39 / 18.02.2021
Tax Committee establishes working groups to assist taxpayers on legal matters

Starting Feb 18, working groups consisting of specialists responsible for answering all questions in accordance with the “Tax Assistant” principle have been formed in all state tax administrations and the State Tax Committee (STC).

These groups advise taxpayers on issues related to VAT, in particular, help prevent the reduction of tax amounts payable and illegal acceptance of VAT amounts for offset, and are also responsible for resolving relevant problems.

In order to tackle issues related to taxation, one now may contact specialists directly at the State tax offices or by telephone.

Previously, it was reported that the STC had launched a fight against companies specialized in illegal cash-ins and published a list of 396 business entities that had engaged in suspicious transactions with a view to illegally reducing the value-added tax (VAT).

The entities that entered into contractual relations with the above-mentioned entrepreneurs were notified of the change in the amount of VAT and the submission of the updated reports, which provoked strong protests by the entrepreneurs.