20:07 / 23.02.2021
Deputies propose changes to the list of people first to receive coronavirus vaccines

During the parliamentary hearing on February 22, deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis proposed to change the list of persons who will receive the coronavirus vaccine first.

At the parliamentary hearing, it was proposed to organize vaccination of elderly people in need of social protection, i.e., persons with disabilities and chronic diseases, medical personnel, teachers of schools, pre-school educational organizations and law enforcement officers.

It was also stressed that the current inclusion of journalists, bloggers and media workers, public transport employees, students studying in foreign countries, as well as labor migrants on the list of beneficiaries of the vaccine, especially against coronavirus, is the subject of social discussions.

“This, in turn, requires fair consideration of the list. A number of proposals have been submitted to the government by the people’s representatives on this issue,” the parliament declared.

Uzbekistan recently expanded the list of categories of persons to be vaccinated against COVID free of charge.

The updated list then included:

  • Journalists, bloggers and media workers; 
  • public transport workers (underground railway, airport officials); 
  • students studying abroad;
  • migrant workers.

It was previously reported that people at risk of infection – the elderly, doctors, teachers and law enforcement officers – will receive the vaccine first.

Again, vaccination of people in need of social protection and other vulnerable groups will be financed from the state budget.