22:50 / 23.02.2021
Is vaccination against COVID-19 mandatory?

Deputy Prime Minister Behzod Musayev explained whether residents of Uzbekistan would be punished for refusing to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

“If someone refuses to be vaccinated, no measures will be taken against them, as vaccination is voluntary. The only thing we can do is to make people aware of the benefits of vaccination. But if a person refuses it, we will not force him,” the Deputy PM said on February 23 during the parliamentary hearing.

Behzod Musayev also stressed that employers should not dismiss a staff member if he has refused to be vaccinated.

However, some countries are now taking measures against citizens who refuse the vaccination.

In particular, the Vatican authorities passed a decree according to which the refusal of vaccination against COVID-19 without medical evidence can lead to “termination of labor relations”.

The people of Bali face one-year imprisonment for refusing to be vaccinated.

In some regions of the Russian Federation, there are also threats of dismissal for refusing to be vaccinated against coronavirus.