21:19 / 26.02.2021
Russian company buys around 35% stake in O’zqishloqelektrqurilish for 20 billion soums

Russian Spey Medical has bought 34.9% stakes in O'zqishloqelektrqurilish, Spot writes referring to the Toshkent stock exchange data.

The authors of the CorpInfo Telegram channel drew attention to the fact that during the auction the price for the package increased by 31.5% – from 15.2 billion soums to 20 billion soums (from 32,282 soums/piece to 42,452.29 soums/piece with a par value of 5,000 soums/piece and a stock quote of 7010 soums/piece). The broker-seller, Mulk-Sarmoya Brokerlik Uyi, confirmed these figures.

O’zqishloqelektrqurilish appeared in 1969 under the name Uzselelektrostroy. It is engaged in the construction and repair of power transmission lines with a capacity of up to 220 kWh. The state has been trying to privatize the asset for several months, during which the price has considerably decreased.

Spey Medical is a Russian company, established in 2011. It is also engaged in the wholesale of pharmaceutical products.