19:51 / 18.03.2021
Smart gas meters to be installed in Tashkent by end of 2021

It is planned to install modern smart gas meters in Tashkent by the end of the year, the capital’s administration reports.

On March 16, “Khududgaz Poytakht” JSC held a press conference. It was noted at the event that an automated system for controlling the supply of natural gas is being introduced in Tashkent.

Reportedly, the total number of gas consumers in the capital is 629,427, of which 448,073 live in multi-storey buildings and 181,354 – in private houses.

The representatives of “Khududgaz Poytakht” JSC noted that modern smart gas meters will be installed free of charge and the organization guarantees 5 years of free service.

It was announced at the conference that a call center has been launched at (55) 503-28-28 for the convenience of natural gas consumers. In addition, a hotline (55) 503-90-17 has been set up for reporting violations and corruption in the industry, where consumers can leave their complaints.