11:02 / 22.03.2021

Khudoyberdi Tukhtaboyev dies aged 89

Honored Art Worker and People’s Writer of Uzbekistan Khudoyberdi Tukhtaboyev has died at the age of 89.

He was born in the city of Fergana in 1932.

Tukhtaboyev began his career as a children’s writer in 1958. He created the collection of stories Shoshqoloq (Hasty) in 1962, followed by other collections: Yosh Gvardiya (Young Guard), Sir Ochildi (The Secret Revealed), and Sehrli Qolpoqcha (A Magic Hat). Tukhtaboyev’s writing was popular throughout Uzbekistan, and many children read his books as part of their school studies.

Tukhtaboyev was famous for his humorous novels. His books touched on themes including honesty in adults, love, loyalty, and kindness. His works include Sariq devni minib (Riding a Yellow Giant), Sariq devning o’limi (Death of the Yellow Giant), Besh Bolali Yigitcha (Parent of Five Children), Qasoskorning oltin boshi (The Golden Head of the Avenger), Yillar va Yo’llar (Years and Ways) and Sehrgarlar jangi (The Battle of Magicians).

For his contribution to literature, Tukhtaboyev won the Khamza Prize and was awarded the title The National Writer of Uzbekistan in 1991 when Uzbekistan gained its independence from the Soviet Union.

Kun.uz editorial board expresses condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.