22:10 / 22.03.2021
Uzbekistan to introduce new control mechanisms in construction industry starting July 1 

The draft presidential decree “On measures to increase the responsibility and accountability of participants in the construction process, strengthen control and radically improve the quality of construction” has been announced.

From July 1, 2021, new control mechanisms will be introduced in the construction industry.

In particular:

  • the Inspectorate for Construction under the Ministry of Construction does not interfere in the financial and economic activities of construction companies based on the results of the “risk analysis” system without notifying the start of construction and installation work. It will have the right to conduct an inspection within one day by notifying the representative for the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of business entities;
  • in the construction of buildings and structures with a total area of more than 500 square meters, the practice of monitoring each stage, checking compliance with construction rules and requirements after the completion of construction work at each stage will be established;
  • earthquake resistance testing of construction sites will be carried out;
  • if the inspection reveals structural violations affecting the earthquake resistance of buildings and structures, as well as threatening human health and life, individuals and legal entities that are contractors and construction customers will fully eliminate these shortcomings within a month or, at the request of the owner of the dwelling (building), the money paid for the dwelling (building) within this period shall be returned in full to the owner;
  • the Ministry of Construction systematically summarizes the shortcomings identified in the construction sector during the inspections carried out by the inspectorate and maintains an open register of business entities that have committed the most violations and deficiencies in the field of design and construction.