23:15 / 24.03.2021
Regulation amending procedure for military service signed

The President has signed the resolution “On amendments to the regulation on the procedure for military service of citizens”.

According to Norma, the amended regulation excludes the right of military academy cadets under contract to receive:

  • salaries by military rank;
  • salary for the last post held;
  • seniority allowance;
  • monthly allowance from the special incentive fund;
  • one-time remuneration for maintaining the combat readiness of troops;
  • one-time remuneration for continuous military service;
  • material assistance.

If a soldier is released from office due to organizational and staff activities or appointment to another position for a period of not more than two months, he receives:

  • salary by military rank;
  • salary of the last principal post held;
  • seniority allowance and special incentive fund allowance (up to 15 percent);
  • a one-time allowance;
  • cash compensation in exchange for food rations, as well as for hiring housing.

The document also provides for payment for enlisting a soldier under contract at the command of a chief.