23:28 / 25.03.2021
Several cases of COVID-19 reinfection reported in Uzbekistan

Some hospitals have reported cases of re-infection with coronavirus, Olimjon Iskhakov, the deputy director of the special hospital of infectious diseases No. 1 in the Zangiota district, said.

“Some patients who have contracted coronavirus and recovered show symptoms of the disease again. But determining their exact number is very difficult. Often, repeated illness is asymptomatic. Therefore, those who already suffered infection should not lose vigilance. To believe that a recovered person will no longer become infected is wrong,” he said.
Iskhakov also said that the number of patients in the hospital has increased.

“Please, do not forget about wearing medical masks, social distancing and the use of antiseptics to prevent the disease from spreading,” he noted.

Uzbekistan will tighten some quarantine restrictions from April 1.