11:52 / 25.03.2021
Tanzila Narbayeva criticizes attempts to artificially lower human trafficking statistics 

At the recent Senate meeting, Tanzila Narbayeva reported on the work carried out in the field of combating forced labor and human trafficking, the existing problems and shortcomings.

Фото: KUN.UZ

Narbayeva criticized attempts to artificially lower the statistics on human trafficking, the poor functioning of the mechanism in the sphere and deficiencies in ensuring protection to the victims.

“The mechanism for detecting crimes of trafficking in persons, criminal prosecution, protection of victims from crimes of this category is not effective. For example, in 2020, out of 1,029 complaints related to crimes of human trafficking, only 93, that is, 9 percent, were addressed and legal measures were taken against 129 perpetrators.

The figures of prosecution are even worse compared to 2019. It is necessary to bring everyone to criminal responsibility, not selectively. And for some reason we cover them.

Practical assistance was provided to 92 victims of these crimes at the Republican Rehabilitation Center. This indicator decreased 2.4 times in relation to 2019.

International organizations and the US Department of State have also criticized the reduction in the detection of crimes related to human trafficking in the republic, and the prosecution of those involved in these crimes,” said the Senate Chairperson.

She also noted that artificially reducing such crimes does not imply that the work is done well. “Uncovering the crimes would be the main achievement.”

“When preparing reports, international organizations receive statistical data not only from us, but also from various non-governmental non-profit organizations. If we compare their data and the data of law enforcement organizations, the difference is clearly visible,” Tanzila Narbayeva said.