00:04 / 31.03.2021
“Our society does not tolerate LGBTs” – Komil Allamjonov

Komil Allamjonov, chairman of the Public Foundation for Support and Development of the National Mass Media, has made an official statement regarding the LGBT issues in Uzbekistan, which has recently become a topic of discussion.

At the beginning of his statement, Allamjonov stressed that foreign organizations should take into account the mentality, religion, culture and traditions of the nation before making any demands on Uzbekistan or any other country.

“Before making any demands to Uzbekistan or any other country, foreign organizations must take into account the mentality, religion, culture and traditions of the nation.

Of course, human rights are an important issue and every citizen, regardless of their behavior, is under the protection of the state. But in our country, where the majority of people are Muslims, society does not tolerate unnatural men and women (LGBT)! Our holy religion, Islam, does not allow it.

Take Bazarov as an example. What was the consequence of speaking without thinking?!

In fact, in countries like ours, even if anti-homosexual laws are relaxed, society will not accept it and it will remain only on paper. This is because if the punishment is abolished and such people start to show themselves on the streets, the number of lynchings may increase. Even if no formal punishment is imposed, the Muslim community will not leave them alone anyway. Spontaneous small clutter causes big problems.

 That is the answer to every question!

 I will call on all media and bloggers to stop covering the topic of LGBT relentlessly. Discussing these issues will kill people’s sensitivity. We will begin to take this very unpleasant topic as a regular one, as it goes on. In fact, such statements should be perceived to such an extent that one trembles when hears them. Public discussion increases the involuntary interest of some (especially adolescents whose psyche is not fully formed). As a result, this vicious state will be unknowingly absorbed into public consciousness. Let’s use common sense and not succumb to provocations.

 The word ‘democracy’ means the rule of the people. Since the majority of the people are against something, it is necessary to take into account their wishes, because this IS democracy!

 AIMC should give legal assessment to the cause of yesterday’s events – bloggers and those who violate the law should be punished.

 I strongly condemn any illegal demonstrations and hooliganism,” Allamjonov said.

 It should be noted that in recent days the topic of LGBT rights has become the cause of heated discussions in the country. Certain international organizations and representatives of some countries are trying to play with the feelings of the general public knowing that the majority of people in Uzbekistan are Muslims. Islam, the religion practiced by around 94 percent of the population, strongly forbids and condemns same-sex marriage. Demanding from the country with this number of Muslims granting a right to such ‘people’ to live in couples is nothing but trying to generate hatred among people and insulting democracy since the term means ‘rule of people’. If at least 94 percent of the population are against it, then why not take their voices into account?

 Even the ‘most democratic’ states have uncertainty from province to province about this issue. Imposing such demands on countries will not serve to improve the communities but rather dissolve them.