08:13 / 21.01.2023
Allamjonov meets with vice president of Meta company

Komil Allamjonov met with Meta Vice President for Public Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region Simon Milner and MD for Public Policy in the Greater China, Mongolia and Central Asia George Chen.

Photo: Telegram / allamjonov_ki

The deputy head of the presidential administration wrote about this in his post. Judging by the statement, Uzbekistan should expect joint projects with this company, since this issue was discussed at the meeting. I would like to hope that Meta will bring to Uzbekistan both progressive knowledge in the field of IT technologies and the technologies themselves.

It should be noted that George Chen has been actively cooperating with Uzbekistan for several years now. He visited our country, conducted trainings, and also provided personal assistance in verifying the official accounts of the Foreign Ministry structures both in the country and abroad.

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