20:58 / 09.04.2021
Bukhara Oil Refinery temporarily suspends work

The Bukhara Oil Refinery has been shut down for 10 days for scheduled repairs, the press service of Uzbekneftegaz reported.

Measures for repair and maintenance work envisage hydromechanical cleaning of heat exchangers and coil pipes of the process furnace, as well as replacement of the total naphtha hydrotreating catalyst with a catalytic system that includes protective layer components. 

The Russian company “KhimMontazhNaladka” (Perm) is involved in the current repair work, which carries out hydromechanical cleaning of reaction and convective coils of the technological furnace of the atmospheric distillation unit using unique methods.

As a result, the plant will achieve a reduction in energy consumption during the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and ensure the safe operation of technological units in the future.

During the current repair of the plant, all measures were taken to ensure an uninterrupted supply of oil products to consumers in the republic, reserves of oil products were created, the company added.