20:53 / 12.04.2021
Main tasks of International Cooperation and Development Agency identified

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted a relevant resolution approving the organizational structure of the International Cooperation and Development Agency and regulations that determine its status, main tasks, functions, powers and responsibilities.

According to the decree, the main tasks of the Agency are:

• Pre-project assessment of proposals of the project initiators with the involvement of qualified consultants and experts (including the development of alternative scenarios);
• Assistance to project initiators in the development of technical specifications and feasibility studies for investment projects financed from the public external debt;
• Implementation of a project cost management system at each stage of project preparation and implementation;
• Formation of a matrix of target indicators of the project, development of a system for their monitoring and evaluation;
• Identification of problems during the implementation of an investment project and taking measures to eliminate them;
• Organization of transparent and fair tenders and other procurement processes within the framework of projects, including with the involvement of independent procurement experts and professional companies;
• Ensuring the regular holding of relevant trainings and seminars for the wide involvement of local manufacturers and contractors in the implementation of projects;
• Coordination of project management teams’ activities and assessment of their effectiveness.

The Agency has 49 staff members.