12:19 / 20.04.2021
Vics Consulting Group to grow cannabis in Uzbekistan, distribute CBD products to European and Asian markets

Vics Consulting Group Inc., a California-based company, has received a contract to build a state-of-the-art CBD farm in Uzbekistan. It will grow and distribute CBD products to the European and Asian markets, the company said in a statement.

According to Kyong Lae Kim, CEO and founder of Vics, “twenty companies traveled to Uzbekistan to bid on a colossal self-sustaining farming project.” 

“We intend to set the standard for the build-out of a large-scale CBD production facility in Uzbekistan, and to bring this model to my contacts throughout Asia,” he said.
Recently, Transcendence Age Corp. acquired 19.9% ownership of Vics Consulting Group Inc.

Cesar Herrera, President of Transcendence, said they plan “to work closely with the government of Uzbekistan to assist with the creation of legislation pertaining to the growth, farming, and processing of CBD.”

“We believe we can avoid the past mistakes U.S. farmers made in establishing CBD farms. Because of Uzbekistan’s infancy stage, it puts us in a strategic position to develop the infrastructure as well as the sustainable farming required to reap the benefits of controlled large-scale production,” Cesar Herrera said.