11:54 / 24.04.2021
Prosecutor General: Number of crimes in Uzbekistan are increasing

On April 23, at the XIV plenary session, the Senate reviewed the report of the Prosecutor General on the activities of the prosecutors’ offices in 2020.

According to a Kun.uz correspondent, due to shortcomings in the enforcement of legislative acts related to reproductive health, maternal and child protection, compared to last year, the infant mortality rate increased by 428 (from 6,432 to 6,860), maternal mortality rate – by 10 (from 145 to 155).

In addition, certain tasks to support entrepreneurs in difficult financial situations have not been adequately met.

The shortcomings related to the early detection of crime and offenses, the elimination of the causes and factors contributing to them, as well as shortcomings on a number of other issues, have not been eliminated. In particular, 41,087 of the 62,081 or 66 percent of the crimes recorded throughout the country were preventable.

Overall crime increased by 34.7 percent, serious and particularly serious crimes by 49 percent, including intentional homicide (by 13 percent,) grievous bodily harm (by 13 percent), rape (by 27.7 percent) and robbery (by 18.5 percent).

The Prosecutor General said that in the country there is practically no work on the study of operational-search and search reports, conducting sharp discussions on unsolved cases, accelerating events. As a result, 6,761 people out of 9,790 (75%) wanted in the republic were not detained.

Monitoring of pre-trial verification and investigation is also ineffective. In addition, the number of complaints by citizens to the Senate on issues related to the activities of the prosecutor’s office remains high.

It was noted that these circumstances require further strengthening of control in this direction, the adoption of decisive and effective measures in relation to each detected case of violation of the law.