22:18 / 06.05.2021
Anti-Coronavirus Staff member clarifies whether only officials are vaccinated with Sputnik V

Deputy Director of the Service for Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare and Public Health, Botir Kurbanov, clarified whether only officials are vaccinated with Sputnik V.

Earlier, social network users spread information that in Uzbekistan only officials are vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine and that it is, for this reason, there is a lack of vaccine in medical institutions.

“This is absolutely false information. Sputnik V was delivered to Uzbekistan for mass vaccination, in particular for people over 65. In addition, Sputnik V is used for vaccinating medical workers who work directly with infected persons,” he said during a briefing at the AIMC.

Botir Kurbanov noted that many people cannot find the Russian vaccine due to the fact that currently people over 65 are being vaccinated in the first place.

“I was also told that some people could not find the Sputnik V vaccine. I asked them their age – someone was 60, 50 or 40. In the future, we intend to expand the age contingent, but now we are vaccinating only people over 65 years old,” he said.

He also stated that more than 23 thousand people were vaccinated in Tashkent with Sputnik V.

“Due to certain storage and transportation conditions, Sputnik V began to be used in the capital only. Soon, vaccination with Sputnik V will begin in all regions of the country. In the regions, the Russian vaccine can be found in central clinics that vaccinate people over 65 years old,” he concluded.

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