20:09 / 14.06.2021
Private kindergartens to be granted new benefits starting July 1

For example, it is allowed to educate up to 50 children and hire up to 4 educators and assistants.

Photo: KUN.UZ

From July 1, 2021, privileges will be provided to private preschool educational organizations, follows from the presidential decree.

In particular, family preschool educational institutions will be provided with the following privileges:

• they will be allowed to raise up to 50 children, to hire up to four educators and assistants from among the pupils;
• educators and assistants can receive salaries from the state budget;
• educational materials are provided free of charge;
• soft loans will be provided up to 30 million soums.

In addition, subsidies of up to 30 million soums will be allocated to new family kindergartens in remote regions for the purchase of furniture, inventory and equipment.

From the same date, for the creation of new private preschool educational institutions in remote areas, one can get a preferential loan for 2 years at a rate of 5%, subsidies for the costs of raising children.

Private kindergartens based on public-private partnerships (PPPs) can receive monthly compensation of 50% for electricity and gas.

As a result, 2,000 family private preschool educational institutions are expected to appear, which will also allow the creation of new seats for 50 thousand pupils.