19:17 / 16.06.2021
Deputies consider new restrictions on the sale of alcohol and tobacco products

At the next meeting of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, deputies discussed the draft law “On restricting the distribution and use of alcohol and tobacco products.”

Photo: Fotolia

This law expands restrictions on the sale of alcohol and tobacco products, devices for tobacco and nicotine consumption.

According to the law, seller of such products has to ask customers to present a document confirming their identity and age, in case they look younger than 21. If no documents are presented, he has to refuse to sell the product.

The law presents a clear list of public places where the use of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited, tightens the requirements for special places for smoking, appoints persons responsible for observing the established rules, and established the duties of producers of alcohol and tobacco products. In particular, the area of for medical warning images on consumer packaging of tobacco products was increased from 40 to 65%. This requirement is also established for devices used for the consumption of tobacco and nicotine, in particular, cigarette holder and hookah flask.

At the meeting, the law was conceptually adopted by deputies in the first reading.

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