18:50 / 22.06.2021
Senate to reconsider borders of some districts and cities

On June 21, the Senate of the Oliy Majlis held a meeting, at which it was decided to convene the sixteenth plenary meeting of the Senate on June 25.

The plenary videoconference meeting will consider a number of issues: improving the activities of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis in ensuring openness and transparency in state bodies, the creation of the Committee of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis on issues of information policy and ensuring openness in state bodies.

Also, the meeting will discuss the Law on Official Statistics, Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Associations, the Law on Courts, the Law on State Language, the Law on the State Budget 2021 and the Law on Amendments and Additions to Legislative Acts for the Further Improvement of the Procedure for Combating the Legalization of Proceeds from Criminal Activities.

In addition, it is planned to consider changing the borders of the Akkurgan, Ohangaron, Bekabad, Bostanlik, Buka, Zangiata, Yukorichirchik, Kibray, Parkent, Pskent, Urtachirchik, Yangiyul districts and the cities of Almalyk, Chirchik, Angren, Yangiyul, Bekabad.

Finally, the Senate will discuss the issue of sending parliamentary requests to the Cabinet of Ministers on measures to develop blood donation, on the impact on the environment and public health of shortcomings arising at sewage treatment plants, as well as consider the results of a parliamentary request sent to the Cabinet of Ministers on of creating infrastructure, promoting industrialization and innovation, provided for in the National Goals and Targets for Sustainable Development for the period up to 2030 and other issues.

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