18:27 / 30.06.2021

Districts and cities to establish legal service centers 

A presidential decree “On measures to further improve the provision of legal services to state bodies and organizations” was adopted.

According to the document, legal services centers under the territorial departments of justice will be created in all regions (cities) of Uzbekistan from October 1.

Accordingly, in the district (city) divisions of individual state organizations funded from the state budget, number of regular legal service units will be reduced by 1,182, and 1,056 of released units will be allocated for the operation of the centers.

Also, it is planned to introduce the E-huquqshunos electronic system from October 1, allowing state organizations to collect, process, analyze and electronically implement all information and processes related to the provision of legal services.

The centers will provide legal services to state organizations through this electronic system.

The document states that the centers are subordinate to the Ministry of Justice of Karakalpakstan, the regional and Tashkent city departments of justice in the form of a structural unit that does not have the status of a legal entity. Employees of the centers have the right to participate in court proceedings as representatives of organizations providing legal services.

A person with at least 3 years of service as an employee of the centers has the right to:

  • participate in the qualification examination applying for the status of a lawyer to obtain a license without an internship in the legal profession;
  • pass the qualification exam after an internship in a notary office within 6 months.

It is strictly forbidden to interfere in any way and directly or indirectly influence the legal activities of the centers.

According to the document, organizations that receive legal services are not allowed to accept legal documents without coordination with the centers. The centers can also provide legal services to other legal entities on a paid basis.