16:34 / 30.06.2021
Health Ministry reports about increasing number of coronavirus infection cases among children in Tashkent

In the last 10 days, more than 200 children with COVID-19 symptoms have called the ambulance, 191 of whom have been hospitalized in Zangiota. The press service of the Health Ministry reports, citing the head of the CALL-center of the Tashkent ambulance station Nasiba Mahmudova.

Фото: KUN.UZ

“We know that coronavirus infection was initially more common among adults, and in Uzbekistan, young children were almost never infected with COVID-19 in the early stages of the pandemic. Unfortunately, to date, the virus has not bypassed them either. Especially recently, infection cases have been detected in the children’s contingent as well.

In particular, in April of this year, 131 children with symptoms were taken to Zangiota Infectious Diseases Hospital through the “103” service. In May, that number rose to 152, and as of June 28, it was 316.

Currently, an average of 3900-4000 citizens apply to the CALL-center of the city through “103” service. In the last 10 days (June 19-28), 203 calls about children with symptoms of coronavirus disease were received. As a result, 191 children under the age of 18 with symptoms of pneumonia, were suspected of contracting the coronavirus. When they tested positive for the virus, the patients were taken to the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Zangiota district,” the press service of the Health Ministry quotes Nasiba Makhmudova saying.

The expert made recommendations to prevent further spread of coronavirus infection.

"It’s no secret that there is no country on Earth today that has not been infected with coronavirus. Unfortunately, due to non-compliance with the quarantine rules by some of our compatriots, the epidemiological situation in our country has worsened over the last 15-20 days. The fact that some people forget their sense of responsibility and act in such a way that “the coronavirus does not infect me and my beloved ones” further exacerbates the already dangerous epidemiological situation.

Therefore, first of all, each of us must strictly follow the rules of quarantine and take all necessary measures to protect the health, which is the most invaluable blessing. I recommend not going to crowded places unless necessary, keeping social distance, strictly following the rules of personal hygiene, and wearing a mask.

Most importantly, a lot depends on us. If we act with patience, perseverance and cohesiveness and pay close attention to vaccination measures, I think this disaster will soon be over. Most importantly, in such a way, we will protect the health of ourselves and our beloved ones,” she said.