18:29 / 01.07.2021
Tashkent’s public transport purchases electric buses with the support of the UN and the GEF

The implementation of this project is planned within the UN development program and the program “Intensification of attracting investments in vehicles with low emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere” of the Global Environment Facility.

The project evaluation committee held a meeting with the participation of employees of ministries and departments, during which they decided to begin practical work on this project, mintrans.uz reports.

The project is aimed at improving the environment by introducing electric buses in urban public transport in Tashkent. This experiment can also be carried out in other cities of Uzbekistan.

The project provides for the purchase of electric buses for Tashkent’s public transport and the creation of green transport corridors in the city as a pilot project. The six-year project provides for the allocation of funds in the amount of $3.9 million by donors, the UN development program and the Global Environment Facility.

The project will significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emission.