20:50 / 02.08.2021
Intellectual property of Apple and Amazon protected in Uzbekistan

The Intellectual Property Agency urged entrepreneurs to use the trademark only under a licensing agreement.

The Intellectual Property Agency has protected the rights of two American technology companies.

According to the press service of the department, a case of illegal use of the Apple trademark by a retail outlet was revealed in Karshi.

For the use of the trademark without the permission of the copyright holder and the conclusion of a license agreement, the offender was sued.

As a result, the entrepreneur removed the Apple trademark from the storefront.

Another case was identified in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The agency, in the course of regular monitoring of the observance of intellectual property rights by retail outlets and service enterprises, revealed a violation by Amazon Techno LLC.

The company used a service mark similar to Amazon to the point of confusion for its home appliance store.

As the press service of the department notes, the American Amazon Technologies INC received a certificate from the Intellectual Property Agency for the Amazon service mark in 2000.

“Thanks to this certificate, Amazon Technologies INC (USA) was able to protect its trademark on the territory of Uzbekistan and has the exclusive right to use it,” the statement says.

However, as a result of unauthorized use of the trademark, Amazon Techno violated the exclusive rights of the copyright holder to the trademark.

In this regard, an administrative protocol was drawn up against the company and sent to the court.

By court order, the infringed rights of Amazon Technologies INC were reinstated, and Amazon Techno changed its service mark.

The agency also encouraged entrepreneurs to use the trademark only under a licensing agreement, or to create their own brand and protect it through the Intellectual Property Agency.