12:15 / 04.08.2021

Kun.uz analyzes price changes for basic food products during the year

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Compared to July last year, the price of bone-in beef increased by 17.4%, sunflower oil by 60.5%, cottonseed oil by 61.2% and sugar by 33.1%.

How much has inflation affected basic food products over the past year? Based on the data provided by the State Statistics Committee, Kun.uz analyzed price changes.

Bone-in beef

It turned out that bone-in beef rose in price by 17.4% compared to July 2020 and by 5% compared to December.

As of July 28, 2021, the price of 1 kg of bone-in beef in the central markets of the country ranged from 45,000 to 68,000 soums.


It is up by 17.6% compared to July 2020 and by 4% compared to December. According to the State Statistics Committee, mutton is sold in the markets for 52,000 – 80,000 soums.

Sunflower and cottonseed oil

Compared to July 2020, the price of sunflower oil increased by 60.5% and cotton oil by 61.2%. Compared to December, prices for sunflower oil rose by 30.7% and cottonseed oil by 27.2%.


Sugar prices rose by 33.1% compared to July last year and by 15.1% compared to December.

As of July 28, 1 kg of sugar is sold in the central markets of the country for 7,500-9,000 soums.

Rice and wheat flour

On an annualized basis, the price of rice increased by 5.4% and wheat flour by 4.7%. Since December, the price of rice has risen by 6.5% and wheat by 1.4%.

Eggs and milk

Eggs have risen by 11.4% and milk prices by 14.3% since July last year. If we compare this figure with December 2020, we can see that the price of eggs increased by 25.9% and the price of milk by 4.8%.

For information, the inflation rate in the food sector in July this year amounted to 15.1%.

The inflation rate in the general consumer sector is officially 11.1%. By the end of 2021, the annual inflation rate is projected to fall to a single digit.

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