15:32 / 01.09.2021

New entry rules come into force for citizens departing from Uzbekistan to Russia from today

From September 1, to enter Russia, one will definitely need to provide a QR code in the special application “Travel COVID-19 free”.

Photo: TASS

Previously, it was reported that from September 1, entry into Russia for citizens of all CIS countries will be possible only through a special application. As it became known, the laboratories of Uzbekistan have joined the application “Travel COVID-19 free”.

To get the QR code:

1. Install the application “Travel COVID-19 free” on your phone via App Store, Google Play, AppGallery (Huawei app store);

2. After downloading, launch the application and specify the language, as well as your geological location;

3. Select the country of departure and the country of arrival;

4. No later than 72 hours before departure, take your PCR test in one of the accredited laboratories in Uzbekistan. Do not forget to inform the laboratory employee that you want to receive the test result in the application “Traveling COVID-19 free”. Indicate in the application the number and series of the passport on which you plan to travel;

5. Using the application, scan the QR code issued by the laboratory or obtained from the results of the analysis;

6. When crossing the border, show the authorized employee the QR code on the phone screen via the app.

Recently, an Anti-Coronavirus staff member Sevara Ubaydullayeva told, whether Russia will accept Uzbeks who have not been vaccinated.

“Citizens of Uzbekistan who have not received the vaccine will be admitted to the country on the basis of the requirements of the Russian Federation for citizens of Uzbekistan. So, to date, persons who have antibodies to coronavirus infection after an illness, as well as those who have been vaccinated do not need to take a PCR test. Citizens who have not been vaccinated or do not have antibodies after an illness will be admitted to the Russian Federation only if the PCR result is negative twice within 5 days,” she said.

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